Undercover Project in Peru

Adam’s primary focus to date has been the launching of the Undercover knit collection with his longtime colleague and friend Franklin Martinez. The seed was originally planted in Colombia where Shaffer and Martinez were intrigued by the traditional knitting and crochet methods. Martinez, being Colombian and having a long history of working with knits, inspired Shaffer to take this journey.  His search for the softest most luxurious yarn led him to Peru, where the finest yarns and handwork can be found. The cotton and baby alpaca yarns are the softest in the world.

Upon his visit to Peru, Adam was immediately fascinated by the rich culture and spirit of the Peruvian people. “The artisans in Peru are incredibly talented and have a very long history of making beautiful things by hand. The natural resources they have combined with their knitting skills create the most extraordinary product.

“It was important to us that we were working with organic and eco-friendly materials. We were amazed that we could create beautiful, vibrant colors from using organic vegetable dyes.

Adam’s plan is to brand Undercover and take it global. “My ultimate goal is to bring this very unique product to markets in the US, Asia and Europe. After seeing first hand how much women love the product in my own store, I want to touch women all over the world, so they too can experience how special the product is for themselves!